Living with pain - and not going crazy

I have written a short book on how I live with physical pain, and still enjoy my life and haven't gone crazy (or not yet!, smile).

It’s my value and practice to share my thoughts, resources and experiences openly with others on the wondrous adventure called life. For many years however, my journey and story of pain was a private one. I coped, worked and performed in public, being the social and engage one. In private I suffered through shattering physical pains. Over the years, I learned to share both the pains and pleasure of life and I realised that some of what I take for granted was helpful for persons I shared it with.

The purpose and intention of this book is to share some of my learnings from my extensive and challenging experience of living with constant and chronic pain in the hope of providing food-for-thought and perhaps some helpful input for others facing help and support others who endure physical (or emotional) pain.

I hope that my approach to witness what pain is about and to embrace it, provides and alternative and perhaps sustainable path for you. 

Some of what I share contradicts traditional pain approaches, especially in western cultures. 

If you are interested in receiving an alert when the book is published please drop me an email.

If we get 30 persons who are interested in buying the book we will have it translated and printed.  

Mark MoserComment